18k White Gold Berry Tourmaline & Diamond "Rhapsody" Ring





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Tourmaline was our first choice for our last "Rhapsody" ring. The color is a beautiful rich Berry tone and once again, we used the premiere stone cutters in Germany, "Wild & Petsch", for these gemstones. The uniqueness of this ring design is that the 3-stones are intertwined by small hearts. We wanted to represent today, tomorrow and forever in this design.


Metal Content

  • 18k White Gold


Gram Weight

  • 12.5gms


Stone Details & Carat Weight

  • Rd / Pear Berry Pink Tourmaline - 4.02cttw (3)
  • Rd White Diamonds - .36cts 



  • Ring Top - 14mm


Design Details

  • MEET the ROYALS is our world of treasures. Each design features exotic gemstones, hand engraving, hand filigree and inventive mountings. It is timeless elegance and the gift of luxury.