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Triangular Black Spinel Slip-on Bangle





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COUTURE 925 Dramatic Black Spinel Trillion Slip on Bangle features a 360 degree channel of perfectly set gemstones for the entire wrist. The shape of this bangle is unique for a slip on style, but allows for more than 9.0 carats of rich Black Spinel with Black Rhodium on all the prongs. Dallas Prince loves stackable bangles in all shapes and sizes to create your own personal Chic style. Also includes a full back gallery for the perfect comfort fit.


Metal Content

  • Sterling Silver 925


Plating Type

  • Rhodium plated
  • Black Rhodium Pen plating


Gram Weight

  • 27.8 gms


Stone Details & Carat Weight

  • Rd Black Spinel - 9.0 cts



  • 7.5"-7.75 small/medium
  • 8"-8.25" medium/large
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