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I discovered my talent as an artist very early realizing that  passion and achievement go hand in hand.  My artwork and designs have been recognized in many fields of expertise, but the jewelry industry provided  a new avenue to explore my creativity.  My signature collection, Dallas Prince Designs,  features artistry in metals, exotic gemstones and detailed antique finishes.   It is my goal to emulate history's artisans through my desire to create tomorrow's collectibles.



Dallas Prince Designs has been showcased on multiple International Television Shopping Networks for over 15 years. From dazzling unique collections to one of a kind pieces and bridal sets, Dallas Prince and her business partner, Vincent Ciurluini, are recognized by industry leaders such as AGTA, WJA and JCK as award winning designers.  Vincent, who is no stranger to appearing in his own television showcases is a Graduate Gemologist with an eye for color.  Both Dallas and Vincent are a jewelry power couple that continue to create innovative collectible jewelry. 


Dallas Prince  The Designer

Dallas Prince Designs The Brand

"As I find more ways to create expressions of color and harmony,

I wish everyone an unforgettable journey of human spirit".


Having been an ascribed painter and published artist for over 35 years, I am proud to be a Signature Member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP).


I  spent earlier years developing my artistic style using many mediums, discovering Acrylics to be my preference. My passion for contemporary realism, led me to use vibrant colors and my own unique layering technique that creates depth, expression and undeniable detail.  You can find my works under my married name of Ciurluini.

Having three series of ongoing works,  Angels of the Millennium, Openings, and the newest collection, Water Colours, my paintings have been showcased in galleries such as:


  • The Westminster Gallery in London

  • The Royal Birmingham Society of Artist Gallery  in Birmingham, England

  • Black Sheep Gallery at Hawarden Castle in Flintshire.


I consider it an honor and a privilege to have experienced such enlightenment through my artwork and fortunate to share this with others.



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