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We have a long standing clientele for our bespoke designs and would love to make your experience a memorable one. Whether you have an idea for a one-of-a-kind creation, an outdated jewelry collection to repurpose…..or…..a plan for saying, “I do”, we are here for you. Our process begins with “Trust”.

Commission Process
Our Process

Engaging in this personal process begins with a detailed phone call to develop the timeline for your design experience. The creation of a one-of-a-kind work of art is truly an exciting story from beginning to end.

The collaboration between the client and artist is tailored to evolve through several communication methods and to make the design vision come alive. From conception through to wax models and 3-D mockups, we will walk you through choices of precious metals, stones and finishing details. You can be a part of your own creation and watch it unfold through every step of the process.

Our original models are either carved by hand or formed through CAD programs to widen the creative possibilities from the most subtle feminine details to the more complicated structure of masculine designs. Once the transformation is realized into the appropriate material, it will be refined with final details and expert quality finishing.

Watch video to see our commissioned process for an actual customer.

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Saying "I Love You"

With over two decades of experience in customizing bespoke jewelry, we can help you tell a story, evoke a memory and realize your dream. In the jewelry business, bespoke pieces are becoming increasingly popular for Brides. A Bride-to-be will sort through hundreds of Pinterest boards and social posts to find their perfect ring. Most pre-designed wedding rings never meet all of the specifications of the Bride’s dream ring, but together, we will create a custom one-of-a-kind heirloom piece. 

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What is Old is New again

If you are looking to revitalize an existing jewelry collection into more updated personalized designs, our process begins with an evaluation of your current jewelry wardrobe to determine its value toward your new collectible desires. Then, we can enhance your old unwanted jewelry into pristine cherished designs. To book a free; no obligation consultation with us, use the form below to schedule an appointment for your personal jewelry design experience.

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Extreme Jewelry
Dreams do come true

If you can dream it... we can design it. Dallas Prince was born an artist with a rare talent for visualizing artistry in motion, color and architecture. She has been recognized for being one of the premiere designers for such unique one-of-a-kind creations that she became the artist of choice for “Championship” rings in multiple sports. Dallas Prince Designs offers endless design possibilities that will create jewelry for generations to come.

Extreme Jewelry
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