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Award winning jewelry designer, Dallas Prince, built a career by following her heart.  She was born an artist with a gift for design which became her lifelong passion.  With an education in Pharmaceuticals and a scholarship in Pre-Med, no one could have predicted what the future held for this tall blonde from Texas.  Her creative background includes an extensive career in advertising, film and television as an Art Director, News Anchor, Show Host and finally, a Jewelry Designer.

"It was in the emerging marketplace of television and online shopping where her creativity and artistry merged to become an obsession for designing jewelry."  


Celebrating over 20 years in the jewelry industry, Dallas Prince is known as “Vintage with an Edge”. Her namesake brand, Dallas Prince Designs, evokes a vintage style with artistic mountings and the highest quality gemstones in precious metals. Currently seen on three international networks in six countries, she has continued to evolve with the changing environment of the jewelry industry while creating wearable art for her loyal television customers. Dallas personally appears for every hour of programming and has propelled her brand beyond television into the luxury level of collectors worldwide. 

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"Television gave me a platform to continually reinvent myself while keeping my design aesthetic fresh and on trend".

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Based in Los Angeles, Dallas works with her husband 
and business partner, Vincent Ciurluini, a Graduate 
Gemologist dedicated to his knowledge of gemstones. 
The success of their business has grown through multiple
sales avenues in both wholesale and retail markets. 
Vincent helped facilitate their one-of-a kind designs for 
customers by finding extraordinary gemstones for 
collectors. With an ever changing global marketplace, 
they are looking to a future with more web-based and 
social platforms in the jewelry industry. Of their 27 year 
love affair, 21 of those years were spent developing a 
larger footprint as business owners, as well as, 
passionate designers. 

“My designs are very intricate and difficult to manufacture. Over the years, I discovered an incredible team of craftsmen who manufacturer my brand with the highest quality possible for my customers. 

It takes a few talented people to produce a designer brand for both retail and television. Each person, near or far, has become part of our family.  In Texas is a special liaison, Lydia, who oversees all international design production for television.  In Los Angeles, Oscar has produced our one-of-a-kind designs for almost 20 years and for the last 10 years, Armen creates our waxes for casting.  Behind the scenes in New Jersey and Rhode Island are two exceptional manufacturers that extend the reach of Dallas Prince Designs into China, Thailand and India for production.  Everyone delivers experience and quality to every design.

“We are a small team, but a very talented family of friends.  My heartfelt gratitude to them all.”

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Designing a brand new website is more challenging than ever.  Although I have built many websites in the past, I knew this one would be a challenge.  I needed a creative professional to work personally with me and bring my career to life. Let’s Design Your Site / Starting Gate Marketing is the most talented group of site builders in the business and I could not have reached my goals without their expertise. As a team, they are off-the-charts, but as individuals, they are priceless. My heartfelt gratitude to Steve, Dave, Jessy, Catie and Brendan for my outstanding new site!  If you can dream it, they can build it.

You can find them at and

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